About us

Established in 2002 by DJ Tubby and Footsie, Braindead Entertainment used to be a small vinyl-based label through which Grime and Dubstep classics like ‘It’s War’ and ‘Prangman’ were released. During this phase, there were nine Braindead releases in all, with the last one, ‘Tiger Style’, being published in 2007.

Although it never officially ‘closed down’, Braindead Entertainment was sidelined due to Newham Generals’ increasing touring and recording commitments. Since 2007 though, Newham Generals (Footsie, Tubby and D Double E) have gone from strength-to-strength; their debut album ‘Generally Speaking’ received widespread critical acclaim and their live shows revered in Dubstep and Grime circles internationally.

As such, the demand for Footsie and Tubby’s solo productions has increased 100 fold. Therefore, we are pleased to announce Braindead Entertainment's return!

Re-formatted for the digital age, we are bigger, better and bassier than ever before!